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How to Use the Real Time Map

The real time map shows Underground stations and sections of lines currently subject to disruption. If there are no disruptions, the entire map is in light grey. Sections of lines with delays or closures are shown in the appropriate line colour (e.g. dark blue for the Piccadilly line). Stations with disrupted services are shown in red. Clicking on the station or line section will open a box with details about the disruption.


You may view the entire map on the screen, or you may zoom-in to one of nine overlapping sections using the zoom boxes. The zoom boxes are nine grey squares under the word zoom. To view an enlarged section of the map, simply click on the appropriate zoom box. As you move the mouse, a verbal description of the area to be displayed is shown in blue to the right.

Each map section has its own set of zoom boxes. To move from one map section to another, click on the appropriate zoom box for the area you wish to view. To revert to the full map at any time, click on the grey square labelled full map.